Spiced Scrambled Eggs

Made up of eggs and tomatoes, it can be used to start a beautiful morning.

Spiced Scrambled Eggs

Prep Time

20 min


Cook Time

10 min


Serving Size


The What

1/2 small- Onion, chopped
1 small- Red chili, chopped
Pat of butter
4 large- Eggs, beaten
Splash of milk
1/2 large- Tomato, chopped
Double pinch- Coriander leaves
2 slices- Whole wheat toast

The How

Place the onion and chili in a small pat of butter to make it soft. Pour into the beaten eggs and splash milk over it before stirring. Add chopped tomatoes and stir gently. Add coriander leaves to season it and eat after toasting.

The Nutrish

Calories- 236
Fat- 18g
Protein- 16g
Carbs- 3g
Fiber- 1g