Salmon and Egg Toast

This recipe is perfect for a brunch. Plus it looks amazing and is nutritious.

Salmon and Egg Toast

Prep Time

5 min


Cook Time

5 min


Serving Size


The What

8 ounces- Smoked salmon, chopped
4 large- Eggs
1/4 cup- Milk
1/4 cup- Dill, chopped
4 slices- Whole wheat toast
1/4 teaspoon- Salt
1/4 teaspoon- Pepper

The How

Whisk together the milk and eggs until frothy. Spray a nonstick pan with cooking oil. Cook egg mixture over medium heat. TIP- Push the edges into the center to form big curds. Once firm, remove from heat. Top the toasts with the chopped smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, pepper, and salt.

The Nutrish

Calories- 247
Fat- 9g
Protein- 20g
Carbs- 22g
Fiber- 3g